Learn Spanish Vocabulary: Memorize More Spanish Words II - Free 2.2

Learn Spanish Vocabulary: Memorize More Spanish Words II - Free 2.2


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The fun way to learn Spanish words!

*** The first version of this app has been for several weeks in nº 1 of Education, has been app of the week, rewarded as "New & Noteworthy" and has appeared in "What's Hot?". ***

In this second version all categories are new with hunderds of new words.

- Listen to authentic native speakers pronounce all words.?
- The text option helps you improve your writing abilities.
- The multiple choice option helps you improve your understanding.
- The exam combines all options and measures your time.
- Compete against yourself and against other users.
- Save words in favorites and practice and train only your favorite words.
- Free updates.
- No need to configure or read a manual. Just install and start.
- We don't overwhelm you with thousands of words, but offer small units that can each be dominated in a short time.

Do you really have a big desire to speak Spanish fluently without the boring learning sessions WordTrainer is an app developed to help you learn Spanish words in a fast, easy and very entertaining way!

Learn or refresh your Spanish, anytime and anywhere with your own personal WordTrainer.

WordTrainer provides a set of the most common and useful words, organized by category.

The lite version includes 2 and the full version contains the following 40 categories:
- Greetings
- A conversation
- The house
- Places of residence
- Furniture
- The garden
- Literature & Theatre
- The four wind directions
- Landscapes & Water
- The face
- Body Parts
- Organs
- The appearance
- The hair
- Jewelry
- Cloths
- Numbers
- Ordinals
- Fractions
- Quantity
- Colors
- Friends
- Acquaintances
- The human life cycle
- Occupations
- Feelings
- Children
- Psychology
- Sports
- Time units
- Telling the time
- Days of the Week
- The months of the year
- The four seasons
- Past
- Present & Future
- Holidays
- Shops
- Traffic
- Transportation

We've chosen not to overwhelm you with hundreds or thousands of words, but instead give you small units of between 25 and 35 words, which can easily be learned in a short time. This keeps it fun!

Learn Spanish words
You choose a category and one by one all English words with their Spanish translations are repeated. You can save the words that require more attention as favorite, and practice and test only those words. This option is used to study and learn the Spanish words. You can listen to the pronunciation of all words.

Spanish WordTrainer
When you think you have learned all Spanish words, you are ready for the big test, the WordTrainer.

You can use the trainer from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish.

To test your understanding of the words, use the multiple choice option and to test your writing abilities the text option.

The words in the category are repeated until you dominate them all. In this case the category is marked as completed.

The exam combines all options. It has a built-in timer that measures how long it takes you to translate 30 words.
You can compete against yourself and against other users.

With everyday use, this application will help you acquire a vast body of Spanish words.

There are word trainer apps for beginners, advanced, business and children available. For a complete list of all apps:

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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